How much do calls cost with VoIP?

How much do calls cost with VoIP?

We’ve all been there haven’t we where the headline price turns out to be too good to be true. We sign up for some thing and then the bills aren’t quite what we expect, they’ve had bits and bobs added. Well with Upstream VoIP your monthly bills include calls and the subscription – that’s it.

So how much do the calls cost? Are you going to be stung there?

In a word, “No!”

There is no connection charge and calls are charged by the second not the minute so a 61 second call is 61 seconds not 2 minutes as charged by some other providers.

We constantly analyse our billing and I can share with you that:

  • the average monthly charge per extension is £1.60
  • 90% of calls are charged at our minimum call charge of 1.5p
  • 95% of calls cost less than 10p

The most common destinations called are:

  • UK Landlines – 0.38p per minute
  • UK Mobiles – 2.0p
  • USA – 2.0p
  • France – 0.5p
  • Germany – 2p

So if you are interested in talking to us about moving your phones over to Hosted VoIP wit Upstream please give us a buzz…and when you become one of our customers that call will be free because all calls between any of the 30,000 users on the platform are FREE!


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