As more and more people work from home, a reliable business line has become a vital part of many small UK businesses. With our flexible VoIP package you can easily scale your system up or down without big charges or long contracts.

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Plenty of small businesses across the UK are now based in home offices. Whether you’re just starting out or have been established for a number of years, we know that being based at home means a large infrastructure and a fixed amount of lines is no good for you, and we also know that it can also get expensive, particularly if you need more than one telephone line (perhaps one for your home and one for your office as an example). A VoIP system can however be the perfect low-cost solution to any call problems you may be currently facing and might face in the future.

The flexibility of the system means that it can grow as you grow. Add lines as your business grows and you can even take them with you if you move into an office or another house (perfect for flexible working). You don’t even need to worry about extra fees, you’ll just need to pay for a new handset and a monthly subscription and that’s it. There are no hidden costs.

When it comes to installing and setting up your VoIP system we know you won’t have an IT or technical department on hand to look after that side of things, which is why you’ll be glad to hear that it’s as simple as plugging your phone in and connecting to the internet. You’re then good to start making and receiving calls!

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What if my business grows?

We’ll be happy for you! One of the great things about VoIP is that it is very easy to scale up or down. Whether you’ve taken on one employee or three, we will easily be able to make the system adapt to your growing needs. All you’ll need to do is buy as many extra handsets as you need, let us know, and plug in and go!

How long does it take to install?

We know that as a small business, your time is precious. We don’t want to waste your time, so our VoIP systems are easy to set up. All you need to do is plug your handset in, and configure the settings (that’s only needed if you want your phone to do things like time based routing).

I work from home but I want to stick to office times, can I turn my phone off?

Time based routing is a standard feature for our VoIP packages, this means you won’t have to worry about your business phone ringing as you’re settling down for the evening! We will help you set this up, or do it for you for a small fee.

Key Features for
businesses like yours

Easy to set up

You won’t need to worry about expensive setup costs or the guys from BT Openreach being at your home for days; once we’ve configured your handset it’s as simple as plugging it in.

Caller ID

Always know who’s calling with our VoIP system. This can be particularly effective in greeting clients; rather than asking who it is, you’ll always know and they’ll appreciate it.

Limit call costs

If you work from home then you’re going to want to keep a close eye on mounting call costs, particularly to mobile phones. VoIP systems could save you up to 40% on calls.

Extensive call features

No matter what it is you’re wanting to do with your phone, VoIP has the technology to cope with it. Whether it’s a virtual receptionist or hold music, we have all the features you need.

Separate number

A common issue for those that work at home; how do you separate work and family? The answer is with a dedicated VoIP line; you can keep things compartmentalised and professional.

Integrate with your computer

We live in a world where we all spend plenty of time on our computers; so why should our phones sit on the same desk but be completely separate? Our systems easily integrate with yours.

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added extras

If you'd like to find out how well VoIP works in your office then why not have a trial with one of our pre-setup handsets. Simply plug it in, make and receive calls and enjoy the quality of the system.

The great news with VoIP is that it runs through your internet, so when it comes to setting it up you'll not be surrounded by engineers for days on end. Once you receive your handsets it's as easy as plugging them in.

Ever had problems with your phone lines going down? Not an issue with VoIP; as long as you have an active internet connection you will be able to make and receive calls as usual, giving your business outstanding uptime.

We pride ourselves on great local service, and we also know it's vital that your business is able to make and take calls all day long. If you ever have a problem then give our team a call.