If you have multiple sites and offices VoIP is the perfect calling system for you. Whether you’re a large or small business, we can help you save money, have reliable high-definition calls, and easily maintain your system.

What type of business
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Whether you’re a small business with multiple offices or a large business with different sites, VoIP can work very well for you.

SMEs are usually use something like BT Featureline, which can get you multiple lines without the cost of a switchboard. However, line rentals soon add up and you can be left with large bills. With VoIP, you can save an average of 30% on line rental, whilst also saving on call costs. Remember, all you need is an internet connection. There are no call connection charges or hidden extras. We’ve seen small businesses with multiple offices have their call costs reduced by 90%, so there are some big savings to be made!

Large companies with multiple offices usually have a mixture of ISDNs and PBX, plus high maintenance costs. By using your superfast internet connection, you can lose the current costs of your phone lines, connection charges, and any internal call fees. We also don’t charge for maintenance as the phones are a self-contained device with no extra networking hardware to go wrong. The cloud hosted system also means that any issues can be fixed remotely, ensuring that you will be up and running as quickly as possible.

Some of the
key questions

Our multiple offices often have conference calls, can VoIP do this?

Yes! Calls between up to three people come as standard with our VoIP service, but it is possible to increase this number for a small fee. If the conference is internal, it won’t even cost you anything either.

What if the phones go down?

Nowadays, internet lines are just as reliable as standard phone lines – so it would be surprising if you had any problems. However, we know that things can happen, so we provide a free support service which you can call or email any time.

Our current system has high maintenance costs, is VoIP the same?

One of the reasons that VoIP is so popular is because it is so easy to maintain. The straightforward handsets are self-contained devices so we won’t be charging you a penny once you’ve bought the handsets.

Key Features for
businesses like yours

Easy set up

If you have people working remotely or in different offices then setting your system up may be something you’re worried about. Your concerns are over with VoIP; it’s plug in and go.

It's Packed with Features

You’re going to get all of the call features you’d expect from a traditional phone system when it comes to VoIP. Call hold, call transfer, conference calling; it’s all there.

Large savings

The infrastructure required to bring multiple offices and locations together with traditional phone lines can be extremely expensive. You’ll save on calls and infrastructure.

Call features

You’ll benefit from all of the call features you’re used to with a traditional phone system, but they’re all available out of the box without any hidden costs. We can’t say fairer than that!

Conference calling

You’ll be able to easily transfer calls to whoever you need to, no matter which office they’re based in. VoIP call transferring can also be integrated into other devices.

Call groups

Sometimes you might want to pool the resources you have across multiple offices. This can easily be done by setting up call groups, which means a call can be answered by the most appropriate person.

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added extras

If you'd like to find out how well VoIP works in your office then why not have a trial with one of our pre-setup handsets. Simply plug it in, make and receive calls and enjoy the quality of the system.

The great news with VoIP is that it runs through your internet, so when it comes to setting it up you'll not be surrounded by engineers for days on end. Once you receive your handsets it's as easy as plugging them in.

Ever had problems with your phone lines going down? Not an issue with VoIP; as long as you have an active internet connection you will be able to make and receive calls as usual, giving your business outstanding uptime.

We pride ourselves on great local service, and we also know it's vital that your business is able to make and take calls all day long. If you ever have a problem then give our team a call.