Hosted VoIP phone services are suitable for a range of businesses. The simplicity of the service and the functionality that it brings means that hosted VoIP could be beneficial from a large corporation to a sole trader.

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Home Office

For start-ups and home based businesses this is an easy way to have a business line in your house by just plugging a phone into the router. Then when the business grows, lines can be added within days and when they move to office space, the phone can go too or they have an extension in the house, and extensions in the office.

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Small Business: Multiple Offices

These will often be using something like BT Featureline. Historically this is an easy way to get multiple outside lines without investment in a switchboard. This can mean a saving on line rental and call costs. It is these companies that see their call costs slashed by over 90% when they switch because they pay a call connection charge for every call made or buy a bundle of calls.

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SMEs: Multiple Extensions

SMEs with multiple extensions gain the same advantages as those large companies with ISDN lines.With no need to pay for these lines, ongoing costs are significantly reduced. This type of business also often has remote workers who may be home based or ``on-the-road`` as it is simple to add an ``internal`` extension to a home office or mobile. Your system will give you the flexibility to add or remove these lines as and when you need to, and also keep a firm hold on your ongoing costs.

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Large Companies: Multiple Offices

Large companies with multiple offices usually have a mixture of ISDN30, ISDN2, also with PBX and maintenance and perhaps BT Featureline in satellite offices. Smaller offices with a Superfast connection can often simply prioritise their VoIP traffic through the router, and avoid the cost of adding an additional internet connection whilst losing the current costs of their phone lines. VoIP particularly suits this type of business because all calls within the system are free and so all internal company calls become free of charge.

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Large Companies: 100s of extensions

Large companies with 100s of extensions in the office often have ISDN30 lines, an on-site PBX and a maintenance contract in place. These can be replaced with an additional internet connection for VoIP. A good Superfast connection can be sufficient for up to 200 concurrent high definition calls.

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Case Study: Local Business

A local business were operating 25 extensions on 2 ISDN2 lines and could therefore only make 4 concurrent calls at a time. They had a PBX but no maintenance costs. Our VoIP service provides 25 external extensions, increased functionality and a saving of around 15%.

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