Large infrastructures and hundreds of lines aren’t the most cost effective solution. With a superfast connection and VoIP handsets, your large business can make up to 200 concurrent calls.

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If you’ve got a large communications infrastructure and countless lines, is it really the most cost effective option? With potentially hundreds of staff, call costs can quickly escalate and leave you tied into a contract with a large bill. With VoIP you can have a flexible, cost effective, and reliable service.

VoIP uses an internet connection to make calls, but that doesn’t mean your business’ internet will be effected, nor will the calls be unreliable. A superfast connection can be sufficient for up to 200 concurrent high definition calls. Yes, 200 calls all at once. Prioritise your VoIP traffic through your router and avoid high costs (savings could be up to 40%), you might not even need to add an additional internet connection.

DDI, caller ID, voicemail, and transfers all come as standard as we know how important they are to you and your business. If you need any extras such as call recording we can add them on, no problem at all. We also know that internal calls are common in large businesses, so all calls within the VoIP system are completely free.

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Can one internet line really handle lots of calls for a large business?

Believe it or not, a superfast internet line can allow up to 200 calls at the same time. And these aren’t calls with muffled voices and a poor connection, these 200 calls are high definition. You may even be able to have one internet line for both your data and your calls.

Colleagues regularly call each other, will I be charged for these calls?

Because of how VoIP works, all internal calls are completely free. This extends to all numbers on your subscription, meaning that calls to any staff who are out of the office but still using a VoIP phone can be called without a fee.

Can a VoIP phone do everything we need it to?

Our phones have everything that a traditional business phone has, and they all come as standard. Caller ID, transfers, automated receptionists, time routing, DDI, voicemail, and more, VoIP can do it all.

Key Features for
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Large cost savings

If you have lots of lines, chances are your organisation is making plenty of calls. The greater the volume of calls, the greater real savings you could make on this area with a VoIP system.

Extensive call features

As a large business, you’ll need a phone system that has plenty of flexibility and features. Our VoIP systems provide you with everything you need, and it’s pretty much all out of the box.

Virtual receptionist

Get callers speaking to the right staff in seconds by using a virtual receptionist. This is when you press one for sales, two for technical support and so on. Effective, quick and easy.

Performance monitoring

Customer service is a key element for every business, so monitoring your system in real time and understanding how you’re performing is important.

Time based routing

Have more calls first thing in the morning, perhaps on a Monday? No matter when your peaks and troughs, our VoIP systems can route calls when and where you need them.

Call queuing

If you’re handling a lot of calls then you’re going to want make sure that you’re not missing any. Call queuing functionality make sure that calls aren’t lost, and people aren’t left frustrated.

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added extras

If you'd like to find out how well VoIP works in your office then why not have a trial with one of our pre-setup handsets. Simply plug it in, make and receive calls and enjoy the quality of the system.

The great news with VoIP is that it runs through your internet, so when it comes to setting it up you'll not be surrounded by engineers for days on end. Once you receive your handsets it's as easy as plugging them in.

Ever had problems with your phone lines going down? Not an issue with VoIP; as long as you have an active internet connection you will be able to make and receive calls as usual, giving your business outstanding uptime.

We pride ourselves on great local service, and we also know it's vital that your business is able to make and take calls all day long. If you ever have a problem then give our team a call.