We know that your time and money is precious, so we’ve made sure that our package for small businesses will save you both. Have complete control over your call costs, and add or remove subscriptions as you go along.

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The cost of line rental can quickly become a significant overhead for small and growing businesses. Our monthly subscriptions don’t tie you into long contracts or charge you for cancellation fees, which means it’s the perfect flexible solution for small businesses across the country.

Whether you have multiple offices or extensions, VoIP has been proven to save businesses just like yours money by using an internet connection to make your calls, rather than the escalating costs associated with multiple lines. It can also enable you to have more control over your ongoing call costs, particularly if you have remote workers or staff who are on the road.

The only costs involved are the handsets that you need, your ongoing internet connection (which you’ll be paying anyway) and a call package if you’d like one, which can be as little as £30 a month. Because you can add or remove subscriptions on a monthly basis free from cancellation fees, your system will have the versatility to scale up or down as you need.

There are also plenty of features which will prevent your precious time from being wasted. A virtual receptionist can direct callers to the appropriate options, you’ll be able to transfer calls seamlessly, know who is calling you with caller ID, have voicemail and DDI for each phone, plus much more. We know that these features are vital for a small business, which is why they come as standard. No extra fees, and no hidden costs.

Some of the
key questions

Communication is integral to my business, is VoIP reliable?

It’s a common misconception that VoIP is unreliable, but that’s just not true! Nowadays, internet lines are as reliable as standard phone lines, so it would be very uncommon should your internet go down and your phones fail. This is particularly true if you have superfast broadband as the connection is stronger, and better, than it has ever been before. You should also bear in mind that a superfast connection can hold up to 200 calls at any one time – it is very reliable indeed.

Staff are often out of the office, can we transfer calls to them?

Absolutely! We know that many staff need to be on the road or leave the office at times, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss calls or provide customers and colleagues with a separate number. If they have an internet connection and a VoIP phone or adapter then transferring a call through to them is no trouble at all.

I don’t want to be tied into a long contract, do we get charged for leaving?

We believe that long contracts don’t provide businesses with the best value or telecoms solution. With Upstream, you pay monthly and are only ever tied in to the current month. Of course we don’t want you to leave, but if you do choose to we won’t charge you.

Key Features for
businesses like yours

Easy to set up

You won’t need to worry about expensive setup costs or the guys from BT being at your office for days; once we’ve configured your handsets it’s as simple as plugging it in.

Voicemail and notifications

Each handset will also come with a voicemail, should you not be available. Not great at picking up voicemails? Email notifications will make it easier!

Limit call costs

If you’re a small, growing business you’re going to want to keep a close eye on mounting call costs as you make more and more calls. VoIP systems could save you up to 40%.

Automatic call back

As a small business owner you time can sometimes be pulled away from the desk. Our automatic call back features can be great in helping you catch up with calls.

Direct dial numbers

If you have several members of staff it can be helpful for clients to call them directly to deal with any queries they have. All of your handsets will come with their own direct dial number.

Call transfers

Even if you’ve got plenty of direct dial numbers, the transferring of calls will still be needed occasionally. Our handsets allow you to seamlessly transfer, and even provide hold music.

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added extras

If you'd like to find out how well VoIP works in your office then why not have a trial with one of our pre-setup handsets. Simply plug it in, make and receive calls and enjoy the quality of the system.

The great news with VoIP is that it runs through your internet, so when it comes to setting it up you'll not be surrounded by engineers for days on end. Once you receive your handsets it's as easy as plugging them in.

Ever had problems with your phone lines going down? Not an issue with VoIP; as long as you have an active internet connection you will be able to make and receive calls as usual, giving your business outstanding uptime.

We pride ourselves on great local service, and we also know it's vital that your business is able to make and take calls all day long. If you ever have a problem then give our team a call.