Ok, tell me again…what is VoIP?

Ok, tell me again...what is VoIP?

Everyone is talking about hosted VoIP but what is it?
VoIP is a telephony service that works over your internet connection, not traditional analogue lines.

With hosted VoIP the servers work from data centres, not from within your business. This means that all the phones within your company work together regardless of location.

It also means that you can get rid of any excess analogue or ISDN lines, all you need is an internet connection.

But what does that mean?

The phones work exactly as they would if you were in the same building regardless of where they are. So if you have a remote worker at home or on the road or if you have multiple offices, you can see who is on the phone at any time, answer calls from other offices and transfer between locations.

All the features are standard so a hosted VoIP solution means that SMEs in particular can have fully functional switchboard facilities for the price of a subscription with no capital investment.

But is it reliable?

Many of us have an historical hang up about the internet failing but, for the majority of us, the internet is as reliable as our phone lines, more so if you have fibre.

You VoIP service needs a solid internet connection but not fast. Voice data is much smaller than other data such as pictures and videos. If your company does a lot of data transferring you can either have a dedicated internet line for your telephony or program your router to give priority to VoIP.

What does it Cost?

Each “line” costs from £9.95 a month with quantity discounts starting at just 10 lines and call costs start at 0.4p per minute, billed by the second.


If you aren’t sure we offer a no obligation trial. We will send you a phone and you can try it and see.

No credit card, no commitment – just have a go!


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