Are you stuck in a long telephone contract?

Are you stuck in a long telephone contract?

Telephone contracts of up to 7 years are still out there!

Are you stuck in a long telephone contract

Perhaps you didn’t realise that you were…

Do you know what your telephony needs will be in 3, 5 or 7 years time?

Probably not!

Yet we come across companies all the time who want to change their phone systems and can’t because they are tied in until 2018, 19 or even 2023.

For larger companies the only way out of these contracts is to pay the early termination fee but small companies are protected by some of the same rights as individual consumers.

A telecoms contract that is deemed to be “Unfair” for a domestic customer will probably be “Unfair” for a small business.

So if you want to get-out of your current phone contract there may be a way but you just need to do a bit of reading up on it!

  • Ofcom
  • Competition Policy document.

Many companies don’t know that they have these excessively long contracts because their telecoms providers include them automatically in the renewal documents – but if there is no clear advantage to you as the customer for committing to this kind of contract, or the terms weren’t clear in the documents – then they contract may not be enforceable.

If you would like a telephone service that can grow or shrink with your business needs, where corporate switchboard facilities are standard and where there is no minimum contract – have a look at Upstream from VC Warehouse.


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