Video conferencing etiquette – what to wear

Video conferencing etiquette - what to wear

Even Geeks have a sense of humour!

We have come across these videos made by Cisco UK and released during the Rugby world cup. Not normally known for their sense of humour, these are a great way to make you think about video conferencing etiquette.

As remote working is becoming more commonplace so is linking to the office by video. Many people have been resisting this change and prefer to take part in audio conference calls. Let’s face it, it is nice to abandon the suit when we are working at home.

Have a look at this video – we think it takes abandoning the suit for home working to a whole new level!

Whilst this is great it makes the point very well. Think about what you are wearing, avoid stripes, if it is a business meeting wear whatever you would wear if meeting face to face – top half anyway!

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