More about VoIP from VC Warehouse Ltd

More about VoIP from VC Warehouse Ltd

Hosted VoIP is an internet based telephone system but to the user, VoIP works just like a normal phone – except cheaper, and with corporate switchboard facilities. You can call land lines, mobiles, or other VoIP numbers, and all calls within your company become free regardless of geography.

The beauty of VoIP is both it’s simplicity of use and it’s superior functionality that means that everyone can have the system that they want. Additionally, it is a much more cost effective system than regular phone lines and users see their telephony costs cut by at least 50% when they switch from traditional telephony.

Pay as you Grow Telephony

We wont tie you into a contract for two reasons.

1) Who knows where their business will be in 3 or 5 years time? We believe that if you need to add more lines, move premises or even reduce the number of lines that you have you should be able to. So whether you start with 1, 10 or 100 numbers from us, you can control your out goings as your business needs change.

2) At VC Warehouse we want you to be happy with us, we don’t want resentful customers who are waiting for the end of their contracts so that they can leave. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we have fair pricing so we don’t think that you will want to leave us.

Please, just give us a call, to see if hosted VoIP would benefit you on 01288 255155


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