Why are people still worrying about VoIP’s reliability?

Why are people still worrying about VoIP's reliability?

Hosted VoIP is no longer new and internet is not flaky any more but many people still worry about moving their phone system to the cloud.

Actually, I say people worry about internet reliability but I had an insight into what “young people” think recently. I was giving a talk to some 6th formers and we were brain storming on why companies don’t think that moving to VoIP is a no brainer.

They came up with many valid reasons but internet reliability was not one of them. When I put it forward as a suggestion they looked horrified. Today’s youth expect internet connectivity to be as reliable as we expect our electricity supply. Yes, we understand that it can go down but we don’t expect it.

That is a generational thing, our parents and grandparents of a certain age still have a power cut box under the sink or in the shed with candles, batteries for the radio and perhaps even a paraffin lamp but us middle agers don’t, (yes, I am no longer a youngster).

We, of another certain age, worry about the internet going off, we make sure we have a “normal” radio in the house, most of us have a road map (somewhere) and we still have a Chinese takeaway menu in the junk draw.

The youngsters, who are not yet of any “certain age”, well, they turn to Google.

VoIP IS reliant on the internet, but if you have a good internet provision, there is no reason why it should not be as reliable as your electricity supply!

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